What’s on the agenda for the day?

I love when people write books about important theories of exercise as long as they make good, common sense.   Movement is so important, you don’t have to be a marathon runner to feel healthy about your lifestyle, I have always asserted this theory. Just get up and get out each day! Walk, dance, ride, toss a ball or go for a swim…it’s all good. Exercise stirs the spirit, adds great energy to your life and brings on the happy! Sitting around all day, in school, at work or all weekend long just isn’t good for your body.  You can probably feel the kink in your lower back, aching calves and strained computer eyes! You can also feel the aggression in your emotions from pent up energy and the unused natural desire to move about throughout the day.

Thanks to Gretchen Reynolds, author of this great book, The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter & Live Longer, for putting some simple truths out there for everyone. Exercise does not always have to equal weight loss. Exercise is about movement and pleasure from the innate desire of humans not to be sedentary.  Sitting brings physiological changes that are not good for a body which in turns promotes the chronic diseases plaguing so many of our friends and family!

Maybe I should write a book too? Anyway, here is her link to an interview on NYTimes.com. Ok, enough reading, head outside!



Just click and read

This is a great article about the consequences of putting off activity for too long. It’s a quick read,  I encourage everyone to take a minute and click over to The NY Times via this  link: Why It’s So Important to Keep Moving By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS | February 29, 2012, 12:01 am




Boom 10 Challenge

So five minutes of meditation feels great and has you rejuvenated? Keep it up! Focusing on healthier habits for yourself is important. How great would it be to find time in your day that produces a more active lifestyle without having to block out a “portion” of your day for a full on work out?

The Boom 10 Challenge is about looking for & sharing the moments that help you stay active throughout the day so that others can try it too.

Once I was coaching a truck driver who wanted to fight every healthy lifestyle suggestion known to man! Overweight, a smoker, diabetic, frustrated and unhappy, I was eager to help him find change. I listened to his complaints and excuses, kept coaching in forward motion for a healthy habit goal he would try. Finally, he sternly said to me, “I am not allowed to leave my truck unattended once I sign in to it.” Not exactly sure how that works – restroom breaks, labor laws and all,  I suggested that he simply walk around the ‘rig’ 10 times before even getting in to it everyday he works. “Would that be an unreasonable goal to set for yourself?” I asked. After some silence, he said, “Well, I guess I could do that. Yep, that would be an ok goal to set for myself.” Within 6 months he had lost 45 pounds and was not only walking around his truck, but walking after he got home, playing football with his son and enjoying a new sense of well being. He even admitted changes in his sleeping habits and his mood towards work. Over time his doctor had seen opportunity for less medication, and this guy was feeling more in control of his health and consequentially, his life. It’s so cool to be a facilitator to change in forward motion, now it’s your turn. Boom 10 and share!