Healthy Nutrition

A healthy diet In Forward Motion: Nutritional tips to share. 

  •        Diet is not a word to fear, it is simply what you choose to eat.
  •       Your diet should not define you; it should be what gives you sustainable energy to go about your life in an energetic and fun loving fashion. My mom always said, “Eat to live, don’t live to eat and you will enjoy so much more than
    food!” My dad often said, “We dine, not eat.” With these statements in mind, every meal simply becomes a compliment to your healthy lifestyle!
  •       Forget the old fashioned food pyramid, it changes all the time and there are too many political forces trying to climb it. Try this, my clients find it easy to remember advice: 

               1. Eat more whole grains and vegetables than fruit;

               2. Eat more fruit than meat, cheese or dairy.

  •      Remember: All fats are not bad for you and you need them occasionally. Fats should be used when cooking or baking for adding flavor and helping other ingredients blend well. Healthful fats are liquid at room temperature and become slightly more solid when chilled, on labels these are “monounsaturated” fats. (Defined by the American Heart Association, ).
  •         When shopping, your cart should have more food without labels! Any product with a label should have ingredients that you can pronounce & recognize!
  •        Sodium & simple sugars- Keep ‘em in check! Shown on labels Sodium as it is and Carbohydrates broken down as Sugars PER SERVING on any labels in your shopping cart. Check the servings per container TOO!

When you are thinking about your own diet,and you should be thinking
about it often as you shop, cook and attend restaurants daily, read labels & think
simple. In a restaurant, simply ask your server to “pre-box half in the
kitchen before it comes to the table,” or split an entrée with someone
else at the table, either way you’ll save calories AND money.

Move In Forward Motion…Make good choices daily, you are in control of your daily diet. Bring on the recipes and questions! Share your tips too, remember if you like it and
it works for you, others will benefit from the advice! Pass it In Forward Motion!

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