Cut the CRAP-Simple Eating Tips

Simple Eating Tips- 1-2-3-Eat from the Earth!

  1. Eat more vegetables than fruit
  2. Eat more fruit than fats
  3. Drastically limit refined/processed sugar, meat, cheese & dairy (animal fats)

Cut the CRAP (caffeine, Refined Sugars, Alcohol & Processed Food-stuff!)

Be proactive- Choose products like Almond Milk , Whole Grain breads, brown rice & “foods without labels” . Limit sugars, sweets and additives (man-made chemical preservatives, or GMOs).

Simple steps- Do not replace or change everything all at once.  Make a few choices, see what you like. Think of food as a part of your lifestyle, not something that defines your life.

Sleep 8 and crave less carbohydrates

Did you know that for every hour under 8 that you do not sleep research shows that you will over eat carbohydrates the next day at 100 calories extra for every hour less than 8 you slept?

So if you sleep 6 hours each night than you are craving 200 calories of quick carb energy just to feed your brain since your brain is starting in a deficit when you wake.  Your brain draws it’s fuel from carbohydrates which is why you are craving quick carb fuel…aka: cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc. So if you’re waking up extra early to “work out” you might just be sabotaging your “burn” by simply not getting a full 8 hours sleep!

And I haven’t even mentioned that since you’re tired throughout the day you’re likely over caffeinating too! We’ll discuss this kind of CRAP in coming posts; however,

The moral of this lesson is get 8 hours each night, every part of your body will benefit!