Super Bowl Prep: Try my favorite dip recipe!

Black Bean SalsaI love this so much I eat it as a cold soup

1 can Bush’s Black Beans (rinse before
adding, it cuts down on the sodium)

2 cups frozen corn (it will simply thaw out in the bowl)

1 can Ro-Tel Original or with Green Chilies

(Original or Spicy Hot, depends on your taste buds)

1 bunch of fresh Cilantro cleaned & chopped

Awesome Chip Choices! Serve with

Tostitos Artisan Recipe Black Bean Tortilla Chips    or

TostitosArtisan Recipe Fire Roasted Chipotle Chips

Whole pieces of washed Romaine Lettuce
& celery stacks for a veggie

Pre-Game Tip: Take a long walk before the party, this will burn calories early
and decrease any stress brought on by the game excitement. By exercising before
any big game you will have earned the right to enjoy some extra snacks during
the Super Bowl party and you will enjoy the excitement more because your total
stress will have been reduced by the exertion. Activity and exercise always helps
manage your blood pressure during the excitement of any good game or stressful

Enjoy the game!