Lowering your cholesterol with these product swaps!

Yum!How about an opportunity to try something new at the dinner table? Many people begin with nutrition when they are putting better practices into place. I encourage a cholesterol
free diet or as low in added cholesterol as you can get! Less than 50mg of dietary cholesterol daily is considered ideal, so make little changes to simply drop your added cholesterol daily using a swap product like Quorn. In my house this is not a “religion”, so if we are at a party or out somewhere that does not have cholesterol free alternatives, we use the “less is more rule” and go with the flow. Focusing on plant based menu options with variety is not that hard to do, and since I have done enough research and product tasting, you don’t have to do anything but buy the best swaps you can find! These great alternatives are in the grocery stores now mostly found in the “organic” frozen section.

Quorn products are fabulous!
My kids like them (crazy, surprise!),
and I love to eat and cook with them. These are meatless and soy-free products
that are easy substitutes for meat in many family dinner recipes like tacos,
chili, casseroles and soups! The products are made from a plant based protein called
mycoprotein which is cholesterol-free, high in fiber and low in calories and sodium, plus it has all the amino acids an adult needs daily! Quorn products are prepared the same way as ground beef, chicken or turkey in many of your favorite recipes. Simple swap.

I cook like many busy people I know, fast and easy! So many of you know this type of preparation is born out of necessity for quick, nutritious family meals
due to the busy lives we are all leading. I try to make it a point to have a hot,
wholesome, nutritious meal on the stove at least 5-6 nights each week. It’s
easier for me to be a quick cook, a better use of my time then traveling and sitting in fast food lines, and obviously a better choice than those type of options anyway. My stock pot gets good use, and I feel good that I can put some awesome food on the table
with typical planning and shopping methods most days of the week. Great products like Quorn make this much easier!

The Chili Recipe pictured above & other good product suggestions:

Quorn Meatless crumbles, saute with ½ onion in 2 tbs. of olive oil

Add your favorite chili “packet” with extra red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper and cup of
water Stir in Del Monte Diced Zesty Chili (1 can) tomatoes and 1 can regular store brand diced tomatoes

Stir in Bush’s Chili Beans (mild or hot, depends on your taste)

1-2 cups frozen corn (depends what you like)

Saute 15 minutes

Serve with jalapeno slices & fresh chopped cilantro

I serve this over Barilla Whole Grain Pasta with Veggie Crumble Cheddar (also available in the organic refrigerated section of the store). An additional fabulous side,
Marie Callender’s Original Cornbread! Typically I avoid Marie Callender foods, they are filled with fat and preservatives, but this one is good…just look at the ingredients.

Eat well tonight!!