Getting stuck happens, but coaching yourself forward means learning and changing for the better- always remaining “In Forward Motion!” Web Copy Writing, Copy Editing and Corporate wellness program consulting arrangements can be made by contacting us with further contact information.


At one time I actually worked with children as a classroom teacher, I have also had expanded my careers into health, wellness & insurance. Once an accomplished runner and a personal trainer,  I’ve have held certifications in Coronary Health Program Facilitation, advanced personal training, endurance athletics nutrition, as well as, state mandated licenses for financial and insurance planning. I truly believe in the power of continued transition and applied learning as life is always “in forward motion.”


Life In Forward Motion is about finding and maintaining balance, joy & continued good health.


Not without my own health risks, I do not believe in judging others on their past choices; however, I do believe in inspiration! I consider myself an optimal realist- live, learn and get on with it…


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Practical application experience (blood pressure, cholesterol
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