I need new windows!

Drafty, old windows…served their purpose at one time. Guessing they’re original to our 100+ year old house…it’s time for change, so we’re shopping.

A window company owner who came a calling on me said, “My business partner and I believe that we are simply stewards of this company, we are both faith centered.  The company has been entrusted to us, and we are gifted with clients and contractors to care for and understand in order to grow and prosper.”

I really like this thought (even though he was overpriced) because it applies to our overall wellness so seamlessly…we are all stewards of our own lives! We have been given a gift that takes work and careful attention, but in the end, it is not ours to ‘own’- simply ours to care for and make good choices about..health & lives.

Honest to God, this reflection simply came to me my junior year in college.  “I am merely the steward of this gift from God who lives through me,”  and so I began working out regularly the very next day. I felt this statement deeply then and have tried to live it since; we all have pit falls for sure, but mostly, I work hard to take personal responsibility for my own health. No blame, no regret, just as much positive attention as I can muster up!  It’s the journey of working toward taking responsibility. All kinds of  “things” happen, but you have to be committed to taking the steps towards change for you.

Cheesy Analogy: Let the light in and keep the elements out- do your best to educate yourself and practice positive change in forward motion. –Thanks window guy!

Three spiritual books that changed my life then and I still reflect on now:

WithOpen Hands  Henri J. M. Nouwen

 Holy Sweat Tim Hansel

 Love Leo Buscagulia

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