Is What It Is…

Sometimes I just feel stuck in the middle, I think everybody does once in a while. In Forward Motion is a personal journey from being stuck in the middle between standing up and moving on. Having used this phrase more often than any others except for ‘I love you’ and ‘Count your blessings’ as I always say to my kids, I believe in its power. Because of who I am and all that I have experienced, I believe that good things come from every situation. When you are moving in forward motion, you are progressing towards better things to come, clearing the path for understanding and action. There are always challenges, hurdles on the track-sometimes you leap over them, sometimes you stumble upon them; but remaining in forward motion, you have to get up (at some point) and simply move on…there are always going to be more tracks to take, hurdles to jump and falls to stand up from… Each day is an opportunity to stand up and move on! Whether you are trying to manage a health issue, lose weight, lower your cholesterol, keep your blood pressure or blood sugar in check or take on less controllable life pieces like family and employment issues- these are all part of living in forward motion, they are intregal parts of overall wellness. Thoughts…?

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