Want to lose 20 pounds?

Fun Fact: Over the course of a year, 100 calories per day is equal to 10 pounds
of fat! Mind blowing thought~ if you cut one “juice box” per day and
did nothing else different, you would lose 10 pounds! That’s like less than half of your daily Coke or going from a mocha coffee drink with whip cream to a coffee with skim milk, actually you’ll save way more than 100 calories doing that…anyway,You can totally do this and not even miss it!  My guess is you won’t be thristier or hungrier~you just won’t miss it. How? easy & non-tempting way: pour it out before you start drinking it or just buy a smaller size (yes, even soda cans are coming in smaller sizes at the grocery store these days). Can you also say, “Money for my pocket”?

NOW, add in a 15 minute brisk walk daily. How? Before walking into your building, walk around the parking lot for 15 minutesdepending on your typical activity level, it would be slightly more than a mile. Just do it right before your day actually begins and you can’t “fit it in”… you’ll burn around 100 calories-you can even check your phone messages, make a call or just hum a lil’ tune while you’re doing it.
BOOM—20 pounds easy this year!  

Now that’s being in forward motion.

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