Breakfast In Forward Motion

I love cereals! I think that eating a breakfast bowl full of multi grains and milk (light vanilla soy for me please) is the best morning start or evening snack retreat, I love ‘em!

I just discovered a great hot cereal that really blends the spirit of nutrition in forward motion, and I think you may want to try it as a great new addition to your routine for living a healthful life. It’s (drum roll please) Hodgson Mill Multi Grain with Flaxseed & Soy mixed with a store brand Oat Bran Hot Cereal! Trust me, if you think you don’t like soy, you may not have tried it recently.  This is yummy, grainy but not too much and sweet, mostly because I added a tablespoon of brown sugar.
Love it!!!

Make what I made and let me know your thoughts:

I followed the Multi Grain directions for one, but did not “boil” it on the stove. I prefer quick hot cereals and believe if they are left to steep with “tea ready” hot water (using a tea pot for the water) they will naturally thicken up, and I was right on that one.

So 1/3 cup of the Hodgson Mill Multi Grain mixed with ¼ cup of store brand Oat Bran Hot Cereal, 1+1/3 cup “tea ready” hot water and a tablespoon (because, well, I do like sweet things) of dark brown sugar…yum, it was really good! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. In the spirit of “I do get tired of oatmeal and I don’t really want cold cereal in the winter at 6am” Oh yeah, try this!

Nutrition In Forward Motion

Hodgson Mill is an awesome provider of very wonderful, nutritional products! I absolutely love everything I purchase that is made by them and had used it long before I knew they were a company so dedicated to helping families stay and
get healthy!
Check out their website for great information and more recipes!

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