While moving in forward motion can mean the occasionally off path but motioning ahead, it still means moving. Today, I have decided, is the day to look up and move forward with purpose!

Working for a positive life can be difficult which is why you have to work on it, but it can be more rewarding than you realize. To be honest, I veered off my path drastically these last few years, yet I have continued to believe I was moving forward. Each day I have been working hard but not smart for my own well-being and today it ends. I have always seek to seize each moment as a time to learn more about myself, explore life challenges as opportunities to grow in knowledge that will be somehow be useful, and I have come to realize that although I have been moving forward, it’s been a lot like watching the bike wheel turn while riding it. I have needed to look up because, man oh man, I have found myself on the wrong path!

See, several years ago I was blind-sighted by an opportunity to work for a hospital in their corporate wellness department. It meant I could make the balance I had been preaching about to hundreds of people while health coaching and in the wellness programs I was leading. The hospital trained me in “their” intense Coronary Health Nutrition Program, they spent a pretty penny doing so, and soon I thought I would be able to facilitate change for them. Honestly, I was excited and ready to work for someone else, but then asked me to wait for their department to open before they utilized my expertise in corporate wellness and new program skills. At the time I tidied up my professional life as a contractor, I exited a positioned I had organically grown and loved then waited. Several months had passed before I realized the hospital was not going to actually launch their new community program; their budgets were not what they thought and their program simply deflated. I watched as a physician friend’s professional career struggle because of this as well, and it was a bit devastating.

The hard conclusion for me was that the business strategy behind the hospital launch had taken me out of the newly booming wellness market that I helped grow. I hurt the private business I had considered family for many years, and it also side-tracked my career path by undermining my confidence. After all, in 2012 the business of personal health coaching or lifestyle coaching was a new frontier much less of the thriving industry we know today. I had been in a cutting-edge Corporate Wellness company since late 1999 and although I am not a doctor or a nurse, I had grown a career through experience learning so much along the way. Our company developed programs that had been copied by insurance carriers and I understood, ney, understand that change is a slow process for many who want real change. It was a wild wake up call to say the least and the company I had formerly worked for had moved on, in the spirit of remaining in forward motion, without me. Heck, this story was the reason I started this blog in the first place- to remain fresh while I waited for my new opportunity.

As time marched along, questioned everything I had believed about myself. I thought I had to take my own advice and simply move on, plus after several months I was hard pressed for funds, I mean, this blog showed potential but no one really knew yet how to make money from a blog #2012. I diverted to the workforce as it was time to go get a job. I lost track of what it meant to move forward with purpose. Somehow I ended up in an insurance office. I know, right? I took all the real estate classes for license to sell property. I know, right? Anyway, here I am, several years later, still seeking the forward motion of balance and happiness I wholly believe we all deserve, and rediscovering I really needed to grip tight my coaching experience, confidence to communicate and launch my own business.

Don’t laugh, but I even tried to launch a cannoli business. Yep. I got lost, I mean the cannolis are good, but it’s a momentary pleasure thing that took me astray.

Veering so far off my personal path, I have come to understand new things that will always be useful in purposeful coaching:
1) Although many people love and thrive in the corporate world, this is not a space for me. I believe we all have potential and work is part of that path to personal growth, but all work should be recognized as fruitful for a greater purpose. Your personal growth and passions should not be compromised.
2) Widening any industry knowledge is important. Hey, look I held several state licenses for many years that will be solid knowledge to someone or many in the future.
3) It is a grand leap of faith to start fresh, but anyone can do it and still remain In Forward Motion. Don’t just get on the bike and simply watch the wheel turn- you have to navigate the journey.

This is the time, this is the year, 2k18. I am back in the integrative health field. I am working for a practice and launching as an independent nutrition and lifestyle coach on the side. I am ready to see changes that matter on a personal level again, work with people who seek wellness and balance; work with people who have been simply pedaling too long and are eager for success. Trust me, I am not becoming a yoga instructor, this is about working through the stress we create in our own lives to get on the path to lifestyle wellness.

Remain inspired to move in forward motion and seek the best. Stay tuned, there is more to come.

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