Noise Clutter Stress

News. Fake news. Commercials. Buy now. Save now. Do this. Don’t do that. Go here. Stay there. Share this. Win that.

Enough I say! Turn off the noise, get outside and just be. To remain positive, to stay in forward motion I think we all just have to climb out of the hole we have dug ourselves into and recenter.

Marketing works, especially when there are a whole lot of dollars pushing it in front of us all the time. The best solution for conscious well being is to turn it off, turn away and focus on your primary life- the one right in front of you. Rediscover your very own mission! Is it your family, your neighbors, your best foot forward at work, making your home a happy place or your business a success by your own standards?
Decluttering your mind from from hearing senseless noise that only serves to confuse you and redirect you can be the best thing you can do to remain in forward, positive motion.

Now, let’s just clarify here. I am not saying become a self-indulgent ass or to ignore your fellow humans, I am actually encouraging the opposite. Choose what matters most and be attentive to the purpose of being truer to it.

Too many of us become bogged down, far too cluttered with noises pulling us in more directions each day then our brains can process with clarity. Media. Phones. Tablets. TVs. AIs. FB. Twitter. Insta. Tumbler. Behanced. LinkedIn- wow, I say LINKOUT! All of this things that could be worthy for a moment, in repetitive, bombarding motion as distracted, daily mind numbing consumption creates uncontrollable stress. The human mind cannot process it all without a physical response. Emotional, real behavior. It simply weighs us down with consistant fight or flight responses to almost everything we are seeing. With each clanging, processed ‘noise’ we produce an instinctual, physical release of a stress hormone called cortisol to help protect us from harm on a very primordial level which becomes over used and over stored in our bodies to result in painful, physical stress symptoms like weight gain, irresponsive immune reactions and over production of other hormones.

The simply stated physical result? We become clouded and confused. Irritated, aggrivated and more. We cannot be fully focussed on starting and living this next moment with purpose that brings out the best we have to offer when we are in a constant state of stress. We are literally, physically poisoning ourselves. Is the really what we want? Does it really make us better?

It’s not to wonder that stress has become the most used word for our children and ourselves. Overwhelmed is a truly powerful state of being, yet we are consistently referring to it as the daily state of our life. Let’s give ourselves the break.

Deep breath. Turn it off and center.
The purpose is stay positive. Smile and laugh more often. Want to feel better right now? Just turn everything off, walk away from the device, go outside, stroll down the street or go lay down in the grass for just a few minutes. Listen to wind. Watch and hear the trees whistling. Smile at someone or just smile on purpose.

You will be amazed at how good it makes you feel.

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