No action is to small if it improves your lifestyle

Set a new standard for yourself with spring activity! Reflect on where you are in your life and what you are doing for yourself through lifestyle. Now, create a vision of a better lifestyle for yourself. Set an action goal for an improving your current lifestyle.

Examples: ‘I will meditate for 10 solid minutes each day’ or ‘I will walk 4 times each week after dinner with someone in my family or with a friend’ or ‘ I will jump rope on my off days for an extra 20 minutes after I walk’ or ‘I will march in place while I watch American Idol’ or ‘I will eat 2 more vegetable servings every day then I already do now.’

Go ahead, make it zany, make it fun! Use the things you already do and build on  success, or simply add a little bit of ‘something different’ to your routine just to spice it up and improve your daily actions. It’s all good.

Log your actions

NEXT: Make an ACTION PLAN for achieving that goal.

Action Plan Example: Set the alarm on your ‘phone calender’ for each walking date. Make it a “repeating alarm” so it goes off after the dinner hour on the nights you intend to walk. It will become a new healthy habit. The same holds true if you will be jumping rope, put the action into or on the calender so the alarm reminds you to add ‘this action’ before finishing your workout. For all the ‘Idol Walkers’ out there (no pun intended), you must tell several family members or friends who will remind you (aka: ‘NAG’) and hold you accountable.  Maybe you can get someone else to join in too? A vision of making healthier dietary choices? Spread the word to your family, friends or roommates who will support your decisions in forward motion.

Setting a goal is fine. Making an Action Plan for specific goals is critical for success! Action Plans create new habits. Log your success each time you complete your action. Charting daily fitness and nutrition is the best way to follow up with yourself when it comes to staying on task for a healthier lifestyle. Take notes and watch the progress of better choices over time.

Share your vision …come on, let’s hear what you are going to do for yourself in forward motion this spring!

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