Work-Life Balance?

Are you struggling to find the Work-Life balance that
everyone keeps talking about? Career, work, family obligations and family fun
too? Where is the time for you?

If this sounds familiar then it is time to take a deep
breath and give yourself a break! Life moves at the speed of light nowadays. We
all work and run off to some game or event that doesn’t even sound like fun because
there are so many other things you “should” be doing…STOP, breath deep and look
around! Enjoying the moment you are in will help the feelings of overwhelming commitment.

I have noticed that the cars are simply flying down my
street faster than ever.  This bothers me because I know that if an accident happens no time will be saved and it could even be worse.  Struggling with
balance first takes recognition that you are overwhelmed. Second, it takes inner commitment to your own desire to be in balance (aka:
you can’t do everything!)  and recognize that you have to let some things go.
Third, and most important, it takes an active ability to work toward balance.

Go for a jog when you get home, walk with your children after dinner, sit on the front porch and enjoy your neighborhood.  These same balancing acts can be applied at work: take a ten minute walk with a friend and talk about music or movies or find the picnic bench (you used to know where it was) for lunch once each week.

While performing these five and ten minute balancing acts, leave your phone, or whatever you choice of connectivity is, at your desk, in your purse, in a drawer or anywhere that is away from you because you need the opportunity to refocuss on yourself. This practice will bring a better sense of wellbeing and help with your work-life balance.

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