Boxing Gloves On…here, let me help you with that!

Because life is full of unknowns- why not pay it forward?
I post this today for my brother-in-law, who I’ve known as my brother, nearly my entire life…he is a strong man and a true fighter now living in forward motion!
You may have checked in a few weeks ago when I was blogging about my brother-in-law’s bike accident story ,and I wanted to give you an update on his condition.

Support comes in many forms

He has a very aggressive and horrible leukemia even by other patients’ standards of the crappy things that happen when you find out you have cancer. He has been fighting like a heavy weight boxer for several weeks now and continues to do so.  Cancer is survivable for so many folks nowadays! As he makes his way through all of the very aggressive treatments available, he will have a shot at full recovery with a ‘stem cell transplant’!  It’s not as invasive as a bone marrow transplant and requires only a monitored blood bank donation…please, check out the link below for more information, share the link below & spread the word!

Did you know that only 1 in every 595 anonymous donors actually matches for marrow or stem cell donation? This is life saving and it’s easy! Improving the odds is simply a matter of adding folks like you to the donor list!!  Again, this is a life saving, fairly simple procedure as far as life saving procedure’s go, so just check it out, think about it. If you help someone else put their boxing gloves on then their chances are so much better for winning their fight! Be The Match Registry – National Marrow Donor Program.
Official Site. Get More Information.

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