“I used to be 2 inches taller & 20 pounds thinner…”

Working at client health screening, I ran into a guy I knew many years ago…he was always a super tall and kind of skinny guy. He could eat like there was no tomorrow! He played high school and college ball, and was just an active, fun and kind guy to hang out with – you know the type.

Well, he approached me after the education program for his company and theoretically “put up his dukes” about the ‘physical report’ he received from the screening with regards to his weight.

I guess he may have thought that I would see him the same as I did all those years ago.

“This report says I am “overweight” (he smiled, although he was very serious)?! Look at me, I am in great shape!”

So I did take an honest, clinical look at him (I don’t care to ‘judge’ so I only do this when put on the spot – Not too  far off track but an obvious “beer belly”…holding extra weight around the middle.)

I smiled and said, “You were always tall and thin, but over time our metabolisms do change. You are not obese by any means, that
is not what the ‘overweight’ category is about. Let me ask you something, do you exercise regularly anymore?” (He shook his head no and gave a sideways smile like he knew what was coming)…”Could you stand to lose about 12-15 pounds because that would clearly drop you into the “low risk” or “normal weight” category?” He slugged me on the shoulder and said, “Yeah, I could… You’re right.”

Just for the record, being right is not the point! This guy had just sat through an educational program about weight and health risks, he is smart; yet, he still approached me take up the “BMI fight” which is not uncommon.

As we get older, not many of us want to admit that we have changed. Showing how time changes our bodies if we don’t work, at least a little bit, to keep controllable health risks in check is what health coaching in forward motion is all about!  So, check your BMI and remember each digit is just 6 pounds!  You have to work on it!Time changes physical appearance, so actually check your current height and weight before looking to calculate your risk .You wouldn’t believe how many people think they are 2 inches taller and 20 pounds thinner than they actually are because they haven’t checked since high school..

What would it take to move into a lower risk weight range? 6, 12, 18pounds? Just attack it one BMI digit at a time! You can!

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