One Size Does Not Fit All

Yes, it’s true that muscle weighs more than free fat mass; however, most of us are not body builders with a 26 inch waist and 40 inch shoulder span of solid muscle. SO
if you teeter between low and moderate risk (aka “normal” and “overweight”) on the
BMI scale, you have to simply and honestly ask yourself one question: Could I
stand to lose 6-24 pounds in order to fall in that low risk range associated
with weight?

It is ironic how many people walk into a biometric measurement situation (doctor’s office, work-site health screening or at the gym) and think they are 2 inches taller
and 20 pounds thinner just because that’s where they were in high school.

If obtaining a BMI number in the “normal” or low risk range seems difficult to wrap your mind around because it has been so long since you
actually paid attention to your weight, try making some simple changes to your
diet and daily activity. Applying yourself to better lifestyle habits like
purposely choosing more vegetables and less cheese plus a 10 minute brisk walk daily will help you control your weight and live a better life in forward motion!

You can make better choices everyday…you can!

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