Take care to be well

In the pursuit of Wellness, there is the understanding that every person has stories that make up their core being and create their total wellness picture. Health and Wellness are often used together, but more often separated because “health” seems to be a
word that everyone can identify with medically, while “wellness” just simply
seems vague. A lot of “health” information points to negative physical conditions
of the body and does not make the direct connection to the overall wellness
conditions your life. True Wellness looks at the whole picture, bringing into
consideration each aspect that forms your lifestyle: body, mind, spirit and

The current push of Wellness is to ignite a sense of personal “health” responsibility towards physical fitness because lifestyle diseases are popping up in
epidemic proportions across the country. Healthy amounts of physical activity
and proper nutrition are fundamental to your healthy body and help avoid lifestyle
related diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and other Coronary Health Diseases. Understanding that when your body is maintained in good health, your mind and spirit are free to grow and be positive while spilling over into good changes for every part of your life, that is the driving energy of In Forward Motion.

Positive choices for continued good health create your wellness in forward motion.

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