Balance & be glad

Just step outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your face! Stir that Vitamin D, feel the fresh air, take a deep breath and just be glad! It is so important to relax and enjoy your life daily. Set a new goal: spend 5 minutes everyday focusing on the ‘simple you.’ Put your feet up, flip through a magazine or just close your eyes…it’s just 5 minutes of commitment to yourself.

A sense of calm and balance is important to vitality, resilience and a good sense of humor.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, drop your shoulders then your jaw, feel the strain just flow out of you – Try it RIGHT NOW!   It really feels good, to feel good, doesn’t it?

A healthy life has balance, sometimes we forget to maintain our balance, & we feel stress, anxiety, frustration and general grumpiness. When we remember to give ourselves a break from all the chaos of daily life, we generally have a calmer sense of well-being and are in turn better balanced. This is what I call a great wellness practice that is good for your overall health!

Click here more meditation information from the Mayo Clinic.


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