Noise Clutter Stress

News. Fake news. Commercials. Buy now. Save now. Do this. Don’t do that. Go here. Stay there. Share this. Win that.

Enough I say! Turn off the noise, get outside and just be. To remain positive, to stay in forward motion I think we all just have to climb out of the hole we have dug ourselves into and recenter.

Marketing works, especially when there are a whole lot of dollars pushing it in front of us all the time. The best solution for conscious well being is to turn it off, turn away and focus on your primary life- the one right in front of you. Rediscover your very own mission! Is it your family, your neighbors, your best foot forward at work, making your home a happy place or your business a success by your own standards?
Decluttering your mind from from hearing senseless noise that only serves to confuse you and redirect you can be the best thing you can do to remain in forward, positive motion.

Now, let’s just clarify here. I am not saying become a self-indulgent ass or to ignore your fellow humans, I am actually encouraging the opposite. Choose what matters most and be attentive to the purpose of being truer to it.

Too many of us become bogged down, far too cluttered with noises pulling us in more directions each day then our brains can process with clarity. Media. Phones. Tablets. TVs. AIs. FB. Twitter. Insta. Tumbler. Behanced. LinkedIn- wow, I say LINKOUT! All of this things that could be worthy for a moment, in repetitive, bombarding motion as distracted, daily mind numbing consumption creates uncontrollable stress. The human mind cannot process it all without a physical response. Emotional, real behavior. It simply weighs us down with consistant fight or flight responses to almost everything we are seeing. With each clanging, processed ‘noise’ we produce an instinctual, physical release of a stress hormone called cortisol to help protect us from harm on a very primordial level which becomes over used and over stored in our bodies to result in painful, physical stress symptoms like weight gain, irresponsive immune reactions and over production of other hormones.

The simply stated physical result? We become clouded and confused. Irritated, aggrivated and more. We cannot be fully focussed on starting and living this next moment with purpose that brings out the best we have to offer when we are in a constant state of stress. We are literally, physically poisoning ourselves. Is the really what we want? Does it really make us better?

It’s not to wonder that stress has become the most used word for our children and ourselves. Overwhelmed is a truly powerful state of being, yet we are consistently referring to it as the daily state of our life. Let’s give ourselves the break.

Deep breath. Turn it off and center.
The purpose is stay positive. Smile and laugh more often. Want to feel better right now? Just turn everything off, walk away from the device, go outside, stroll down the street or go lay down in the grass for just a few minutes. Listen to wind. Watch and hear the trees whistling. Smile at someone or just smile on purpose.

You will be amazed at how good it makes you feel.

Here’s the deal

So, I often say that I am honest to a fault and sometimes it doesn’t win me friends, but here’s the deal:

Weight is an issue. Excess weight costs money in more ways than simply filling the refriderator every few days. Clinical obesity costs everyone big time! Sometimes I think about the Disney movie “Wallie” where the robot is left on earth to function while the people have lost their minds and bodies to excess weight and mind numbing monitor control (aka: computers, TVs, and other tech devices) and I can’t help but think about the scariness of that prediction. We have become a society so full of “feelings” that we don’t want to speak up for the right way to live. Healthy lifestyles full of good nutrition that fuels us to be active and productive and positive each day are what we should be striving for.

The latest survey about the staggering numbers of weighty trends in USAToday’s article, Obesity rate may hit 42% by 2030, should have EVERYONE thinking.  If company’s are falling prey to excess health claims tied to chronic conditions fueled by sedentary lifestyles and those companies can’t afford to help folks with their medical bills the way they used to, then what is going to happen to the largest employer in our country…the government, when they can’t afford this either.  Folks, we are all paying. Not to be judgemental but we have to take control of the excess weight before it controls us.

On a personal level, lets think about your daily nutrition. If junk food is full of empty calories and you are consuming it often then of course you will still be hungry all the time and looking for more to eat. Your body needs neutrients that give it empowering energy. If you are a person who simply can’t stand vegetables I have a couple of ways to approach it: 1. Get over it and get on with it…you needs them. Drinking glasses of metamucil to poop and still continuing to eat fatty fried foods is not the answer to clensing your system. Sorry, it’s true. You must intake valuable nutrition becasue, well, you are valuable and want to be full of life and comfortable as you age.  2. Understand that eating is the issue. If you’re taste buds no longer “crave” good foods, it’s likely you have changed the nature of those taste buds yourself and it’s time to reverse and reteach yourself some basics.  When you eat refined, pure white sugars all the time then your sugar receptors are constantly screaming at you to get more sweets! A sugar withdrawl is much like a drug addits withdrawl only YOU have to coach yourself through it…you can’t be locked up in jail for too many snickers!  You have to understand that your body doesn’t “need” it, you just have conditioned it to want it all the time because of the sugar rush that “gives” you energy.

I was so sad the other day at work when a young mother was looking for a “snack” because she hadn’t eaten breakfast and was starved. I offered her a tangerine and a honey toasted granola. She honestly replied, “Oh, that’s not enough, I have a Snickers in my bag and that should satisfy me. It has everything I need.”  After talking about the actual nutrition in her bar, she learned that sugar is not a good calorie for fueling an afternoon at work. She also discovered that the tangerine was sweet and tasted refreshing, like juice.

Self Promotion or Self Preservation

Remember the Forest Gump Movie?
Since life is like a box of chocolates, should you just wonder what you’re gonna get or are you better off just taking what looks good? In Forward Motion helps explore those options with exceptional lifestyle truths. When you get what you want then you need to learn to enjoy those moments; when you don’t get what you want then you need to learn how not to chose that particular thing again and move on.
Cliches are cliches because they are truth to many.
Remember, mistakes are our best teachers and live In forward motion.

Should you drink more water?

The flat answer is YEAH, drink more water! Hydration is critical to health, and Americans simply don’t drink enough water. We drink and eat everything else, we are hungry all of the time, full of cravings and constantly looking for energy in the wrong place (the cabinet or refrigerator) not at the water cooler or the tap!
Healthful amounts of water are crucial to metabolism, skin, organs, weight control, stress levels, fitness and overall health…just to mention a few benefits.

When you are well hydrated you can focus better on everything, wake up feeling refreshed, digest your food with ease, look younger, recover better from fitness endeavors, have energy for your family and hobbies, feel less overwhelmed all the time, have fewer headaches-backaches-overall muscle aches…and the list goes on. Downside, you may use the potty more often, but that’s life!

 Below find a hydration calculator…it’s spot on for recommending the proper hydration for you weight. The only point I get frustrated with is discussion about where you can get added hydration from in your diet…absolutely a good 20% of your water comes from veggies in a healthful diet, but beyond that all your hydration should come from good ol’ water (not sodas or juices these products simply add calories and cause issues). Eat good food, drink lots of water- take care & be well!

Here’s the Hydration Calculator, it only takes about 1 minute of time to get educated.
More about hydration on this blog

Cut the CRAP-Simple Eating Tips

Simple Eating Tips- 1-2-3-Eat from the Earth!

  1. Eat more vegetables than fruit
  2. Eat more fruit than fats
  3. Drastically limit refined/processed sugar, meat, cheese & dairy (animal fats)

Cut the CRAP (caffeine, Refined Sugars, Alcohol & Processed Food-stuff!)

Be proactive- Choose products like Almond Milk , Whole Grain breads, brown rice & “foods without labels” . Limit sugars, sweets and additives (man-made chemical preservatives, or GMOs).

Simple steps- Do not replace or change everything all at once.  Make a few choices, see what you like. Think of food as a part of your lifestyle, not something that defines your life.

Sleep 8 and crave less carbohydrates

Did you know that for every hour under 8 that you do not sleep research shows that you will over eat carbohydrates the next day at 100 calories extra for every hour less than 8 you slept?

So if you sleep 6 hours each night than you are craving 200 calories of quick carb energy just to feed your brain since your brain is starting in a deficit when you wake.  Your brain draws it’s fuel from carbohydrates which is why you are craving quick carb fuel…aka: cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc. So if you’re waking up extra early to “work out” you might just be sabotaging your “burn” by simply not getting a full 8 hours sleep!

And I haven’t even mentioned that since you’re tired throughout the day you’re likely over caffeinating too! We’ll discuss this kind of CRAP in coming posts; however,

The moral of this lesson is get 8 hours each night, every part of your body will benefit!



“>Health is 30% Fitness & 70% Diet-

I love this image, it is so true!

Treat yourself with more respect, remember that what goes in makes you better or worse physically, mentally, emotionally. Eat well, exercise moderately and for goodness sake, get some sleep! Remember to hydrate! 64oz. each day! Eat a variety of foods that are grown- not modified or engineered & when it comes to remaining physically fit, if your exercise routine hurts, burns or leaves you so tired that you can’t have a conversation after 8:30pm- then it’s too damn hard on your body and that simply is adding stress to your life!


Take care & be well also means live well & be happy!

Successful New Year Resolution?

HNY 2013
Did your New Year’s Resolution look like this? Here are 3 best tips to improve your success rate when it comes to making change!

HNY 2013! Oh yeah…it’s resolution time again.

Have you ever had a successful New Year’s Resolution? A new year commitment that lasted longer than 6 months, made you feel proud and still feels so great that you just never want to go back to the way it was before? We should all have personal examples and continue to be proud of these changes…No one said seeking a better life in forward motion was going to be easy and I know you are here to continue to be encouraged to do so! Good, let’s go forward then.

THREE Best Ever Tips for making change real:

1. The first, best tip for a successful resolution I can give to anyone, and believe me when I say I can be the wimpiest person I know when it comes to “having willpower” is to make the change as positive as possible! Try not to use statements that begin with “I WON’t …”. Make a resolution that begins with the words “I WILL…” Positive statements are better coaching tools.

2. The next best tip is to think “it” through before you commit. Since taking the ‘midnight pledge’ on December 31st just didn’t seem to work, you should now realize the need to reflect on what you want to make happen, the necessary steps it will take to make “it” happen and how the overall change will impact your life for the better. Digest that it!

For example a general statement of ‘weight loss’ or getting organized is simply too broad! Dial it down, zero in for a better understanding of the new commitment.  Again, what WILL you do and how?

For example, “I will lose 15 lbs by June 1st by working out 3-4 times a week, eating a bowl of oatmeal every workday morning and committing to refilling my water bottle 4-5 times each day.”  Or, “I will get organized in two places that will help me feel less stressed more often and keep it that way! I will always keep my work space cleaned off by tiding it at the end of everyday. I will do this by giving myself 10-15 minutes before leaving work each afternoon to clear the space and put things in well marked folders. I will also make a habit of cleaning out the car doors of trash at least two times each week before going into the house. Each Wednesday & Friday, and I will set that in my calendar now.”

This kind of detail allows for the vision to be clear and yet flexible.  By coaching yourself all the way through the how and when of the goal you have real checking points that keep you accountable and set up for successful transitions.

3. The final best tip is to use friends, technology or both to stay on the path of success! By this I mean, take advantage of everything you can to encourage the behaviors that are best for you and help you remain accountable. Using every tool will help you figure out which self-checkpoints work the best for measurable progress.  For example, personally, I am NOT a person who likes to tell other people what I am trying to change about myself (that’s why this blog helps me remain accountable to my own coaching techniques) so I use personal journal, my phone alarms, calendar reminders and then my husband.

Depending on my desired change, I would set the reminders on my alarm for the first couple weeks to repeat at regular intervals each day to say things like “Fill your water bottle NOW” or “take a 10 minute walk NOW” or on repeating alarms for Wednesdays & Fridays with a “Clean up the Car” reminder.  These alarms help the habits remain clear, timely and doable. I use a personal journal to rant or rave about myself to myself- obviously reflective. And finally, I know my husband will check in upon occasion to see how things are going with my “goals”.

After about 2 weeks, examine for yourself how often you need these regular alarms to sustain your new habits. Who knows, you may want them to continue daily if you think you would fall back into your old ways without these reminders or you may want to simply set up for a weekly review time to browse your activity log and reflect on the changes that are making your life better.

NOTE: Always remember, reflection and log-keeping are key actions for busy people who want to be their own best coach!

Let’s get to it! Pick one or two things and work toward your best, full-on, healthful satisfaction!  Set yourself up for success by making positive and thoughtful changes! Define your ultimate achievement with clarity, work the plan to create sustainable change in your life. Celebrate your own good feelings about the changes you are working toward. For example, at the water cooler take a split second to be proud of yourself or better yet, admire your glowing skin in the mirror and recognize that hydration works for all of your body systems!  (or) Keeping that car cleaned?  Look at it, enjoy the chaos-free zone! When you get in the car, look around at it and actually say, “Ahhh, this is nice!” Also, remind those who ride along regularly to pick up after themselves so that your continued goal remains easy!

It’s the little things we do for ourselves that create the biggest difference in our lives! Now is the time to begin the New Year’s Resolution Process for real! You can do it, always remain in forward motion!

For your weight loss analysis Click Here!
Goals On Track Software to purchase Click Here!

Are you resilient?

When you begin to understand that moving forward requires learning from the past and making good decisions about your future then you have learned that you are your best advocate!

Is it  tough to wake up each day and practice ALL GOOD things? You bet it is, but it is imperative to make the conscious effort to do just that each day!

Surrounding yourself with positive intelligence, listening to each contributor in your life and learning from every situation helps you to remain in forward motion. It also allows you to take advantage of opportunities that come along creating pivotal moments of resiliency in your life to continue on the path of remaining well and in good health.  Be a good coach to yourself!

Use independent techniques: positive tough-love, facing the facts while staying open to the best sceniero in every situation. These options will have you moving forward & winning your everyday battles!

Techniques for restoring resilience here!

Eating for Health, Not Weight

This blog was made for personal reference of lifestyle choices and education, it’s not the Bible and not intend to be duplicated or copied.

I often try to explain that eating to lose weight and eating the right foods for your continued good health or to regain good health are not always the same thing.  Counting calories is not the same as making the calories count! Choosing wisely is so important.

In the wake of the Soda Ban in NY City and recent research released about the future of American obesity and diabetes, Dean Ornish published an opinion in the NY Times Sunday Edition, September 12, 2012.  I suggest you and everyone you know take the time to read and understand this point of view.  Being and remaining healthy in our current society takes commitment.  My immediate family is 90% plant based in our nutrition by choice. We are not typical Americans, but we do still struggle with sugar and caffeine moderation like so many others I know.  We thought we were living a “healthful diet” for so many years, until I studied Dean Ornish’s research through the Coronary Health Intervention Program and put some changes into practice about a year and a half ago.

When non-plant based meal portions are selected by our children, my husband and I remind them that the choice is only fine if it is kept to a minimum of their dietary decisions. By minimum I mean FAR LESS than a “daily” or even a weekly indulgence. In the months that followed our proactive lifestyle diet change, my teenager decided, completely on her own, that dairy and milk based products make her sick more than she imagined. This was quite an epiphany for a 17 year old who used to drink a gallon of milk weekly in grade school and eat chocolate any chance she could. I had always thought her milk consumption was the ‘best thing’ in her diet, but as soon as she cut the dairy out, she stopped having reoccurring sinus infections and horrible headaches.  Our other teen age daughter has figured out that her body cannot digest red meat well. This was a kid that loved a good steak once in a while too. She has said although it looks or smells good, “I just don’t feel good, my stomach hurts very badly after I eat it.”  And when we do choose sugary treats, we all recognize that the choice is not “good food,” but should be considered a true treat.

I don’t want to preach, and I am far from perfect…I am the first to admit that fact. But once you read this article, you’ll understand better why this blog even exists for your use.

Eating for Health, Not Weight

Remain in forward motion so that your health risks remain small!